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Automotive Installation

For most of us, our car or truck is our life line to the outside world. It is for that reason that Audiosource offers a 100 percent warranty on all of our in car installations.

Home Installation

So today is the day you decide to upgrade your entertainment system. Now there are 3 types of people that call us to assist in cabling and calibration of their gear. The first is the person that knows how, but doesn't have time or the desire to learn about all the in and outs of the products, let alone the best way to set it up. The second is confident in who they are and can admit their limitations and so hire a professional to do the work. The final type of client will attempt to connect it themselves, over buying on cabling and spending days working at it until they consede defeat. At Audiosource, we welcome all of our service requests, however our service changes may vary from an hourly rate to a job specific rate.

Personal Consultation

At Audiosource, we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. As technology progresses so do the products that deliver the experience. We listen to your needs as well as your requirements and using our product knowledge, provide suggestions that will ensure that you go home everything you require to complete your project successful.

Warranty & Repair

All consumer electronic products sold comes with a manufacturer's warranty which is usually average about a year length. These warranties usually cover parts and labour on products that are found to have a manufacturer's defective. Outside of the warranty period, Audiosource can arrange for your item to be repaired, if the cost of the repair does not exceed the items replacement value. For more information, please contact in store staff for details.

Excelsior Guardian Service Plan

The Guardian Angel Electronic Media protection program gives consumers the peace of mind in knowing their new electronic devices will function properly. They have the choice in protection and coverage on almost every electronic device in the home, and more! It's the ultimate choice for risk free living with quick, easy access to service if needed with real value and affordable pricing!

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