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Ortofon 2M 78 Verso

Ortofon 2M 78 Verso Cartridge - 2M 78 Verso

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The 2M 78 Verso model is an alternative product for bottom mount headshells

  1. How to replace M2,0 mm screws on 2M 78 Verso
  2. Remove the stylus with the stylus protection guard from the cartridge body to avoid any damage to the diamond.
  3. Using Torx 8 key, unscrew the black screw from the Verso top plate.
  4. Remove the top plate from the cartridge body by pulling the screws off.
  5. Remove the two countersunk screws from the top plate.
  6. Insert the two M2,0 mm screws in the top plate.Mount the top plate on the cartridge body. Hold the top plate with screw-threads hanging down and turn the cartridge body 180 degrees. Mount from above.
  7. Mount the black screw in the top plate and tighten with appropriate force.
  8. Mount the cartridge on the tonearm using the enclosed tool.
  9. Mount the stylus with the stylus protection guard on the cartridge body.

2M 78 Verso accessories included the package:

  • 1 x Stylus brush
  • 1 x Allen key Torx 6
  • 1 x Allen key Torx 8
  • 2 x Screw M2,0 x 6
Output voltage at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec. 4 mV
Frequency range at -3 dB20–20,000 Hz
Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force70 µm
Compliance, dynamic, lateral18 µm/mN
Stylus type Spherical
Tracking force recommended* 1.8 g (18 mN)
Load resistance* 47 kOhm
Load capacitance* 150–300 pF

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